For more than thirty years, Stern Rockwell has been contributing art on the streets of New York City and abroad. Having studied at the prestigious High School of Art and Design in NYC as a youth, Stern Rockwell had the privilege of meeting and working with many other talents from all over the city.

 Stern continued studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology for an Associate degree in Textile Surface design, and has been working with textiles and apparel ever since.

Stern has designed for brands such as Cartier, Christian Dior, Tiffany’s NYC, Calvin Klein Jeans, Akademiks, Rocawear, Ecko Unlimited, Roots Canada and many other numerous properties.

 Streets Are Saying was established by Stern Rockwell in the year 2000, and is an ongoing website covering art, culture and events related to Graffiti and Street art from all over the world. The website was also featured in the book GRAFFITI NEW YORK by Eric Deal. 


Stern Rockwell currently is residing in Hong Kong and continues to contribute his art on the streets and many other institutions.

For information regarding commissioned murals and street art projects, contact him here:


Email: sternrockwell68 AT gmail DOT com



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